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Warlord Studios is now offering props and products for haunted attractions. let us create for your haunted attraction the most horrific scare, let your haunt be the one that chooses to have realistic concepts not the usual noisy mechanical garbage seen in most haunts.

Warlord studios makes props that are functional long lasting and most of all realistic in movement and functionality.lets push the limits in the scare industry and make your haunt stand out as the most horrific and believable of them all.

Filmmakers, using the most modern production techniques including let us create truly believable and professional masks and costumes from Aliens, monsters , modern soldiers, beasties, zombies, animals or just a little dinosaur. Big or small our attention to detail and commitment to excellence in unmatched in the industry.



Haunted House & Movie Props - Masks & Costuming

Recent Projects

Hellhound Haunt Prop

The Hellhound haunt prop is the creation of head artist Kent Kidwell and is the perfect addition to any haunted house. You have 2 ordering options on the silicon warewolf headwhich comes fully painted with a custom paint job.

Silicon wolf head (no hair) - $2500
Silicon wolf head (with hair punching) - $3000

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Past Projects

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