Creature and Character Development


Warlord studios is fast becoming recognized as a leader in original creature and concept design. Our creations have been sold and traded all over the world as resin and pre painted collectible figurines. They have been showcased in magazines like Amazing Figure Modeler Magazine, Kit Builder Magazine and countless blogs and forums. This is truly an area we focus on with the most imaginative character development.

We try to look past the skin and see lifestyle, environment,clothing, and even attitude of the concept we are creating. So many times we see nicely crafted character designs with no reference to the who, what, when, and where of that characters world. This is the reason our concepts stand out. We enjoy looking into and exploring the life of a subject. Fictional or real and fusing them together making a richer more defined character.



Creature Design and Creation

Recent Projects

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Predator Creature Re-Creation

Creature Maquette

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